Monday, February 23, 2009

a Steady Diet of MSG 6

                        The Perfect Mixed Drink:  Coca-Cola and Spiced Baijiu
     So over the course of this trip I developed a habit of drinking Coke everyday.  I know, they're an awful multi-national corporation that gobbles up precious water reserves around the world, and its supposed to be really bad for you.  Well, when you're in a country where all of the drinks are over-sweetened or flavored like corn or peas, you learn to appreciate a little corporate gut-rot.  Baijiu is usually clear, about 58% alcohol content, and tastes like vodka mixed with floor cleaner.  But its also really cheap, the equivalent of a dollar for a bottle that will get you soused in no time.  I found that spiced baijiu is a lot more palatable, existing in the honorable family tree of brandy, whiskey, and scotch.  It goes perfect with some Coca-Cola to take off the edge.  I will miss you, spiced baijiu...

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