Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Update

Cover for the Sterile Garden: Year Cycle One zine. To be released on Dumpster Score Recordings this spring.

Flier for the next Sterile Garden show.

Finished an interview with Little Fyodor this week at his residence here in Denver. Walls of Genius was this incredible group of weirdos that he moonlighted with in the early to mid-80s in Boulder. They released 30 tapes over the course of the band's lifespan. These recordings have been re-issued by Little Fyodor on cdr in 2005, and are well worth your $s, especially their compilation: "Madnesslives".
Next week I'll be interviewing with Joel Haertling of Architect's Office. Swan Lake is starting to take shape, and we are in the middle of lay-out.