Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Sterile Garden releases

Agharta Tapes(Lithuania) www.arma.lt/perineum will be releasing a Somalia/Sterile Garden split cassette here in the next few weeks.  You can order copies here:  http://www.arma.lt/agharta/ 

Zuiveringleideren(Philadelphia) just released Sterile Garden splits with Crank Sturgeon and Women in Tragedy  www.myspace.com/zuiveringliederen 

Zen Enthusiasts(Seattle/PDX) released a cassette as well a few months ago.  great artwork on this one.  

The Sterile Garden/Drowner split CDR has all been recorded by both parties, and will be released in an edition of 50 sometime this winter on Basement Tapes once artwork is finished.
I'll be on tour with Christina the Hun in late June, so if you live in Phoenix, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, SLC, or southern colorado, come hang out and say, "hey."

I've started a new blog for my artworks, please check it out: http://thomaskinkaidfoundation.blogspot.com/

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stahblau: Die Macht Der Reichen

download: Side A    Side B
   Again, i couldn't find anything about Stahblau other than this has a propulsive rhythmic industrial feel throughout both sides.  Another early 80's gem from Randy's collection.

What is a Dadarotator?

download: here

Side B was too mangled to bother uploading, so here is the first side of a killer industrial synth propulsive blur of early 80's  ???? instrumentation that was acquired from the collection of Randy Yeates of Mnemonists/Biota.  He does a gonzo muzak show on a community radio station in Fort Collins, KRFC 88.9 FM every Saturday night appropriately titled Excursions, which you can stream here.  Everything from Don Ho to sci-fi soundtracks to acid prog and beyond is played on that show.    
   Little is known about this release.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Baiju Sketches Parts 3-5

Part three

Enjoy.  These are cut-ups of recordings that Caitlin Philp graciously provided,  at my personal request, of street musicians around the town in her small city of Qingyang in north-central China.  I won't try to advertise this for the most part, these recordings exist as an online archive for an indefinite period.  
    Previous problems with the other two parts has been fixed.  Sorry about the Rapidshare, but that's how it goes for now...