Sunday, September 23, 2007


------------BASEMENT TAPE ITEMS-----------------

BT06 DUDE WAR: IRON CURTAIN C-20 Two Denver dudes provide the soundtrack to the neo-fascist future. Evil synth burps and motor(ik) hummm into the eardrum with vocal weirdness. edition of 40, 10 left. $4 each.

BT31 STERILE GARDEN: BAD TOASTING FOR CONCRETE CDR Collaborative version of SG with Travis Egedy and Justin Kinnett, recorded live to tape on a dim saturday morning in spring 2007. edition of 50 with spraypainted covers on pro cardstock. $3 each,.

BT O1 CHRISTIAN METH S/T CDR U don't want this, trust me... new album out later this year... edition of 55, 1 left! $4 each.

BT14 TORTURING NURSE: IN C ICE AGE C-20 Juny and Youki hail from Shanghai, China and have gained notoriety throughout the international noise community for their prolific output and raw live shows and collaborations with gonkos like Mutant Ape, Fecalove, Oubliette, and many others. "IN C ICE AGE" finds the duo utilizing turntables, vocals, and pedals to psychedellic harsh zones previously unheard. Edition of 50 on cardstock with spray-painted cassettes and full liner notes. $5 each.


New tapes from the basement!!! Hopefully as things progress in the future, this will be the main website for Basement Tapes and my associated sound projects instead of the Myspace profile which is here:

RATFACE: THE SALTON SEA VOLUME ONE C-47 $4 each or trade. edition of 20. Awful, what is this??? Not gonna tell you what the equipment was to make this wreckage of a tape, but its scuzz all the way through, kids. Hand-printed covers... no information. no future. What happens when you get to the bottom of the toxic lake? New mutant forms...

RATFACE: THE SALTON SEA VOLUME TWO C-30 $4 each or trade. edition of 22. More of the same, just worse recording quality...

STERILE GARDEN: BAD TOASTING FOR CONCRETE CDR collaborative version of SG with Travis Egedy(Pictureplane) and Justin Kinnett(Man//Beast). Very heavy and monotonous. Edition of 50.