Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pictures from this week

                                              If you can name the movie that this scene is taken from, you get a free Basement Tapes release.  

     Just started a new job in my new home of Portland.  This week's job site was a 3 hour commute round-trip.  Settling into my new home in the NE, and learning the neighborhood's nooks and crannies.  Next post will feature more photos from around Portland.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Basement Tapes March update

After travels abroad, I'm back in the States and playing shows again.  The next Sterile Garden performance is at Dunes in NE Portland with I Died, Hobby Knife, and Redneck(Suicidal Tendons) on April 2nd.  
     I'm also starting to work on the covers for some new Basement Tapes releases, including:
 a split C10 between Fletcher Pratt and Heat Wilson     

 The masters are finished for the Drowner/Sterile Garden split CDR as well, and will appear in an edition of 50 with screenprinted covers.  

  other releases down the line include a Skozey Fetisch/ Pigs in the Ground split, Swan Lake issue #2,  and a CDR compilation.

Accidentals 2