Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sound crunch 1

nice, smooth hip-hop with dynamic vocals that sing, spit, and harmonize over the course of six tracks, several featuring collaborations with Colorado hip-hoppers Otem Relik, and Com. Pare. The beats are well-executed and the production stands out. Third track makes good sparing use of a Johnny Cash track that I would normally consider over-played right now, but it flows so well with the heavy message of the song that i totally overlook it. I got this EP at a house show by complete accident and fell for it right away. Hey, I can review something other than noise, all right? "The Audience: Skinny Fat Kids spins in a nice brief Wu-Tang sample over a jazzy beat, keeping this out of the usual cliches of white-boy electronic bliss hip-hop. And wow, even some nice sing-alongs as well on "Sea of Grass". See this dude on tour and see the light.

Members of Ohio's Tusco Terror do nasty start and stop thrash with guitar feedback filling in the odd spaces between the blastbeats. The cover features a traditional metal-style gritty red and black photo of the guilty parties. Not straightforward at all, getting into some kind of proggy Lightning Bolt style jams for a few seconds before disintegrating into backwards tape and hollow, raw yelling. True insistence on this here lo-fi document that is for the fans of all things overblown, heavy and rotten despair. They get into these weird grooves that actually rock out a little bit before disintegrating into feedback buzz. Very nasty in that Cadaver in Drag/early Hair Police sort of fashion. Apparently there is supposed to be a new cassette from Tusco Embassy in the works for the future. This should still be available as well, so get it while its hot.