Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Update

Just returned from a short three-day tour with Civilized. We played with some great bands like Sucked Dry, Meat Mist, Much Worse, Brain Tumors, Cardiac Arrest, and Raw Nerve. If you haven't been to the City Museum in St. Louis, do yourself a favor and stop in there the next chance you get. Its magic! We finished our second demo tape. the first edition of 20 is sold out, and we are pressing another 80 of them this fall. We also have a t-shirt designed by the incredible Meatdog, the singer of Melbourne, Australia's Reckless Aggression. Demo tapes are $5 and shirts are $8. Please get in touch if you're interested.
Sterile Garden played a benefit show this past Saturday for the Silent Barn, which is a DIY experimental venue in NYC that was robbed several months ago. Our next show won't be for several months. I'm working on some newer material that will be a bit of a surprise for those who've been following this project. Some newer personnel will be added.
We're still looking for advertisers for the new issue of Swan Lake. It will be printed on newsprint, in an edition of 800 to 1000 copies. I'm also hoping to finish up some artwork for a Sterile Garden release on Dumpster Score Recordings as well this next month. Thanks to those who support. Keep your head above water. Don't hit your head on the debt ceiling.

PS: here's a video of Sterile Garden at the Titwrench Surfacing show a couple of months ago. Thanks to Kyle Warfield for taking the video!

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