Monday, August 8, 2011

August Update

My attention has shifted towards Civilized for the time being. The show last week with Ice Age was very rewarding, and the Danish lads were very much into our cover of Iron Cross' "Psycho Skin". Negative Degree and Tollund Men played solid sets as well. In a week we'll be sharing the stage with The Men and Religous Girls at Rhinoceropolis. Later on this month, we're playing with Punch and Loma Pieta(also at Rhino). At the beginning of September, there will be a weekend jaunt(not a tour, per se) with our friends Negative Degree(Denver). The cities of St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago will be covered.
Sterile Garden is still a concern, but we're taking time to set up some time to record two compositions that we've been performing recently, as well as writing some new material that is decidedly more 'song-like'. This will involve an expanded line-up of SG. Thanks to everyone that has supported this project over the years. Its been an interesting journey.

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