Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guest Mix Installment #2: Zach Reini

Zach said about the mix:
I think its a very common occurrence for people to get into daily situations that they wish they could get out of on
account of complete frustration or a sense of marginalization. Discontent is a normal feeling that is often clouded with happy-go-lucky positive outlooks, which are great in the right context, but there also exists the whole opposing spectrum that shouldn't be repressed. It's just unhealthy. These tracks help me, and I assume the musicians, cope with these mundane feelings and angst that still prevail from your teens into your 40's. Hate your job, hate your coworkers/colleagues, etc. A lot of cliches could come out of this, but frustration in all its aspects is at the bottom of my draw to this mix, so I hope this helps people find some music that aids the venting process.


1. Twin Stumps: Landlord
2. Drunkdriver: Quality of My Life
3. Fresh Meat: Bad Mask
4. Vile: I'm a Punk
5. No Trend: Killing Me
6. Slavescene: Fuck Off Away From Me
7. YDI: Not Shit
8. Swans: Time is Money (Bastard)
9. Dead Times: Christ Mourners I
10. Deep Jew: Virgin
11. Offerings: 11-Offerings-1
12. SNUFF: Male Supremacy
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