Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Denver Noise Fest 2011

Sterile Garden performs on Saturday night at the outdoor stage. Thanks for everyone that came out to the Hedia/Luperci show last Friday.
There is a new Sterile Garden release, "Process" C-10, edition of 22. This tape is some material that we've performed in the past, and its been edited for brevity's sake. Also, there are some Sterile Garden releases in the works: 1) a 3"cdr on Dumpster Score Recordings. 2) a tape on Lazer Palace. 3) a tape on Bleak Environment
There are also plans to release the compositions 'Acreage' and 'False Digital' in some form in the next year. We're going to take a break from playing shows after this summer for a bit and focus on releasing old material and writing new compositions.

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