Saturday, January 2, 2010

1/2/10 update

The Sterile Garden/ Drowner split CDR is now available.  $5 PPD or $4 in person. Orders can be made through Basement Tapes or What We Do Is Secret.
-Automobile, Swift: TBA Cdr/Cassette
-Wrecked: TBA Cdr/Cassette
-Abbreviated Glossalia: Esophagus/Asparagus cdr
-Swan Lake 2 art zine/tape compilation featuring sounds from: DJ Yo-Yo Dieting, Budweiser Sprite, Algiers, Drowner, Suicidal Tendons, Skozey Fetisch, Argumentix, Red Squirrels, Crank Sturgeon, Moke Grotton, Pulse Emitter, Weak Sisters, Fletcher Pratt, Heat Wilson, Nova-Sak, Dreamcatcher, Amphibious Gestures, Doug Theriault, Jeff Jerman, Squim, and more...

Cold Sweat demo
John Foxx: Metamatic
Priests demo

I'm doing a sound installation for an exhibition entitled "The Riddle of Ritual".

Gallery info and directions here:

from the gallery website:

Riddle of Ritual
featuring work by Sterling Crispin, Justin Beard, Alicia Ordal, Michael Schuessler, Owleyes, and sound-artist Jacob DeRaadt. 
January 5, 2010 – January 12, 2010
Exhibition Reception – Saturday, January 9 from 7pm – 10pm

We are pleased to announce the group exhibition Riddle of Ritual at Emmanuel Gallery. The exhibition will feature work by Sterling Crispin, Justin Beard, Alicia Ordal, Michael Schuessler, Owleyes, and sound-artist Jacob DeRaadt. The exhibition will run January 5, 2010 – January 12, 2010. Please join us for a reception on Saturday, January 9 from 7pm – 10pm with a site-specific performance by Bongo Fury.

Riddle of Ritual is an exhibition that showcases artists who are working around the theme of ritual. Human behavior is laden with ritual, from everyday life to spiritual practice.

Many of the artists in Riddle of Ritual are approaching ritual from the perspective of mysticism, in ways that build upon the tradition of mysticism’s inherent relationship with religious and/or spiritual ceremony. Sterling Crispin and Alicia Ordal use installation to summon the supernatural, while Denver painter Michael Schuessler and LA-based collage artist Owleyes create two-dimensional work that is saturated with symbolism, light, and consciousness. Artist Jacob DeRaadt manipulates sound in ways that mesmerize his listeners. Ritual can also exist in our daily activities, from waking-up and getting dressed to preparing food. Artist Justin Beard visualizes this in his video pieces.

This is the second annual exhibition curated by the staff of Emmanuel Gallery, with the support of Director/Curator Shannon Corrigan. The staff is made up of students from the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State College, and the University of Colorado. Emmanuel gallery is a non-profit art space located on the Auraria Campus in Denver. Built in 1876, the Gallery is Denver’s oldest standing church structure. Originally an Episcopalian Chapel, later a synagogue, and now an art gallery, Emmanuel Gallery has been a destination for spirituality for over 130 years. Riddle of Ritual is responding to this site as a specific source of sacredness, ritual, and symbolism.

Gallery hours for this exhibition will be 12pm – 5pm, January 5 through January 12. Please note that we will be open on both Sunday and Monday.

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