Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Sterile Garden releases

Agharta Tapes(Lithuania) www.arma.lt/perineum will be releasing a Somalia/Sterile Garden split cassette here in the next few weeks.  You can order copies here:  http://www.arma.lt/agharta/ 

Zuiveringleideren(Philadelphia) just released Sterile Garden splits with Crank Sturgeon and Women in Tragedy  www.myspace.com/zuiveringliederen 

Zen Enthusiasts(Seattle/PDX) released a cassette as well a few months ago.  great artwork on this one.  

The Sterile Garden/Drowner split CDR has all been recorded by both parties, and will be released in an edition of 50 sometime this winter on Basement Tapes once artwork is finished.
I'll be on tour with Christina the Hun in late June, so if you live in Phoenix, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, SLC, or southern colorado, come hang out and say, "hey."

I've started a new blog for my artworks, please check it out: http://thomaskinkaidfoundation.blogspot.com/

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