Friday, April 10, 2009

Net Release out soon/ relocation

                                                            wuvvwvy.  weewy.  

   I've finished the first installment in a remix/sampling series under my own name.  Chants into tape hiss nirvana,  infinite saturation.  A series of pictures and writings will accompany the five compositions.  Influences include:  Baiju and Coca-Cola, chinese markets, and cell phone promotions. 
     A CDR compilation is in the works to accompany a collection of drawings for Swan Lake 2.  They will be available separately, and as a discounted package deal.  
     Sounds from Sharkiface, We, Budweiser Sprite, Eric Ostrowski, Frozen Body, Weak Sisters, Drowner, Moke Grotton, Red Squirrels, Spark Applied to Powder, Soup Purse, Regosphere, REDNECK(formerly Suicidal Tendons), Fletcher Pratt, Heat Wilson,  Argumentix, Pulse Emitter, Householed, Toilet Humor, Tusco Terror, A Story of Rats, Dreamcatcher, Nova-Sak, and others to be announced.  
    Also, the job fell through, so I'm heading back to Colorado to work for the summer before returning for school in Portland this fall.  Shows in Seattle this fall.  Rumors are surfacing of a Christina the Hunn tour this summer on the west coast.  Details to be announced in the next month.

- chinese cut ups


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