Friday, November 9, 2007



things are quiet here at Basement Tapes... there is talk of a change of location. New Ratface tapes surfacing shortly with the long-awaited Green Mist cassette. Too much recording and playing shows rather than working on label stuff. Also absorbing a wonderful book by Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater, which you should all read more about. terrifying in a very real way. and you thought Pat Robertson was scary...

On November 10th, I will be performing a soundtrack at Naropa University in Boulder, for a film by Todd Novosad of Denver... all analog-to-shit processing involved. A document of this will be released as well on Todd's label, Swamp of Pus, as a 3" Dvdr encased in sheet metal. Pictures are up on the Swamp of Pus website: Copies should be available at the show and Swamp of Pus. I should also be getting a few artist copies as well, so get in touch SOON, as i think Todd only made 30 or so of these. Thanks Todd!


Unknown said...

basementjunk puh gunk, ya bas!

yr collages are looking really good and i'm pissed I forgot to pick up a copy of the dvdr you and todd had at the show.

we need to play/hang before I leave on Dec 17.

Unknown said...

ps. send me source material!... uhhh this is isaac