Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Update

Cover for the Sterile Garden: Year Cycle One zine. To be released on Dumpster Score Recordings this spring.

Flier for the next Sterile Garden show.

Finished an interview with Little Fyodor this week at his residence here in Denver. Walls of Genius was this incredible group of weirdos that he moonlighted with in the early to mid-80s in Boulder. They released 30 tapes over the course of the band's lifespan. These recordings have been re-issued by Little Fyodor on cdr in 2005, and are well worth your $s, especially their compilation: "Madnesslives".
Next week I'll be interviewing with Joel Haertling of Architect's Office. Swan Lake is starting to take shape, and we are in the middle of lay-out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Update

Just returned from a short three-day tour with Civilized. We played with some great bands like Sucked Dry, Meat Mist, Much Worse, Brain Tumors, Cardiac Arrest, and Raw Nerve. If you haven't been to the City Museum in St. Louis, do yourself a favor and stop in there the next chance you get. Its magic! We finished our second demo tape. the first edition of 20 is sold out, and we are pressing another 80 of them this fall. We also have a t-shirt designed by the incredible Meatdog, the singer of Melbourne, Australia's Reckless Aggression. Demo tapes are $5 and shirts are $8. Please get in touch if you're interested.
Sterile Garden played a benefit show this past Saturday for the Silent Barn, which is a DIY experimental venue in NYC that was robbed several months ago. Our next show won't be for several months. I'm working on some newer material that will be a bit of a surprise for those who've been following this project. Some newer personnel will be added.
We're still looking for advertisers for the new issue of Swan Lake. It will be printed on newsprint, in an edition of 800 to 1000 copies. I'm also hoping to finish up some artwork for a Sterile Garden release on Dumpster Score Recordings as well this next month. Thanks to those who support. Keep your head above water. Don't hit your head on the debt ceiling.

PS: here's a video of Sterile Garden at the Titwrench Surfacing show a couple of months ago. Thanks to Kyle Warfield for taking the video!

Monday, August 8, 2011

August Update

My attention has shifted towards Civilized for the time being. The show last week with Ice Age was very rewarding, and the Danish lads were very much into our cover of Iron Cross' "Psycho Skin". Negative Degree and Tollund Men played solid sets as well. In a week we'll be sharing the stage with The Men and Religous Girls at Rhinoceropolis. Later on this month, we're playing with Punch and Loma Pieta(also at Rhino). At the beginning of September, there will be a weekend jaunt(not a tour, per se) with our friends Negative Degree(Denver). The cities of St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago will be covered.
Sterile Garden is still a concern, but we're taking time to set up some time to record two compositions that we've been performing recently, as well as writing some new material that is decidedly more 'song-like'. This will involve an expanded line-up of SG. Thanks to everyone that has supported this project over the years. Its been an interesting journey.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


the show with Sisisters and Concrete Shiva was wonderful last night. It's an honor to play an event associated with the Titwrench Fest, as they are doing something that is refreshing and interesting. Poppy Red played her first set and it was a real treat. The last few shows with Sterile Garden have been very successful, though we are taking a break to finish some recordings and work on artwork for some upcoming releases. Our next show will be in November or December.

here's the Sterile Garden set from Denver Noise Fest a few months ago: video

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Denver Noise Fest 2011

Sterile Garden performs on Saturday night at the outdoor stage. Thanks for everyone that came out to the Hedia/Luperci show last Friday.
There is a new Sterile Garden release, "Process" C-10, edition of 22. This tape is some material that we've performed in the past, and its been edited for brevity's sake. Also, there are some Sterile Garden releases in the works: 1) a 3"cdr on Dumpster Score Recordings. 2) a tape on Lazer Palace. 3) a tape on Bleak Environment
There are also plans to release the compositions 'Acreage' and 'False Digital' in some form in the next year. We're going to take a break from playing shows after this summer for a bit and focus on releasing old material and writing new compositions.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sterile Garden performances

read about it HERE

another recent Abbreviated Glossalia show HERE

other upcoming shows:

April 22-24 @ Old Curtis Street Bar: Denver Noise Fest
Noise starts at 7:00PM each night
An +18 event
Ages 21+: $10/night or $25 Three Day Pass
Ages 18-20: $15/night or $30 Three Day Pass

April 15 @Rhinoceropolis(3553 Brighton Blvd.) :
Sterile Garden

May 19 @Rhinoceropolis(3553 Brighton Blvd.):
Slut Dungeon
Sterile Garden

July 15: Denver Surfacing Showcase with Concrete Shiva/ SisSisters/Wrong Hole/Tarr/Baronic Wall/Trash Pop, Married In Berdichev

- Denver Surfacing Showcase w/ Married in Berdichev & Sterile Garden